Monday, August 18, 2008

Celebrity wedding and McCain on the defensive.

Ellen DeGeneres has married her long time partner Portia de Rossi in a private wedding at her home. I'm happy for her and Portia. I have a few videos I'd like to share in honor of that happy occasion. The first sums up my views on the matter. It's an old song, a classic, and it takes on new meaning in light of the legal changes in the last few years.

Next, is a short video showing Ellen's announcement of her impending marriage. The reaction of her audience, mostly straight, mostly youngish, mostly women, is astounding. You'd have thought she just announced they all won a new car. That is Portia in the audience.

And finally for a little politics. Here is Ellen quizzing John McCain on the issue of marriage equality. McCain looks rather like a deer caught in the headlights and bumbles around trying to find some middle ground that won't offend the fundamentalist lunatics who have his party their balls. Ellen makes her point with sufficient grace and humor while McCain is simply praying the whole thing ends. But John, with Youtube it never ends.

I hope any and all readers of this blog who live in California will vote against the disgusting Proposition 8 which attempts to ban equality in marriage. Admittedly there are no candidates really worth supporting but here is something you can vote against proudly.