Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dr. Frankenstein's Bubble: Made in Washington

Blogger is really screwed up so we are unable to post today's commentary which is about the housing bubble created by Washington. Now that the bubble has burst the politicians are rushing to bail out the billionaires at the expense of the people who are seeing their dreams of a home being destroyed. The article is finished but attempts to drop it into the box where we must put it for publication fail. Blogger keeps putting in some bizarre part of the page so it doesn't show up at all. This remains true no matter which browser I use so the problem is clearly with Blogger. I can type it in the box I just can't copy it to the box and it is too tedious to retype the entire piece. So I will wait until someon at Blogger gets around to fixing it. Unfortunately attempts to tell them when such problems exist fail as well. As part of the "customer service" routine of web based giants like Amazon, Google, etc., they don't allow you to actually contact them except in the most round-about way which they easily, and usually, ignore. And you are strictly forbidden from actually contacting a living human being. They much prefer irrelevent computer-generated responses answering questions you didn't ask and addressing issues that are not pertinent. So, if you wish to see the piece on the housing bubble, check back later.