Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Paul Krugman is seriously demented.

Paul Krugman is demented, and I mean that in the kindest way possible. The only explanation I have for some of his absurd and ridiculous views are that the man is inflicted by some serious brain disease that is rotting out the cells one by one.

Krugman is one of these people who is spreading the bullshit that George Bush is some sort of small government advocate and the failure of the Bush administration is that it didn’t intervene enough. As Krugman writes in the New York Times: “What we really need is a government that works, because it’s run by people who understand that sometimes government is the solution, after all.”

Apparently Bush didn’t think government “is the solution, after all.”

To believe that you have close your eyes to the inflated budgets that Bush has pushed through. This would remain true even if we removed Bush’s big government war policy -- and war is big government at its biggest, something conservatives can’t comprehend. Bush has extended government into more and more fields throughout his term. He has limited individual rights, ripped up Constitutional protections, and expanded the powers of the state.

What was No Child Left Behind but the nationalization of schools? Who was it pushed through that massive increase in socialized medicine? Bush loves big government across the board. His motto has been: when people hurt government has to move.

Krugman’s bitch is about the Katrina disaster and government not getting involved enough.

I followed that story in great detail at the time and I constantly saw government moving in and taking over. Let’s start with the obvious issue of the levees that failed. These were government built and government maintained. And the issue of the levees was widely known and known for years. Big government lovers like Bill Clinton had an opportunity to shore up the levees. Government reports have existed for a very long time noting that one really big hurricane hitting New Orleans could breach the levees and flood the city.

What we had was government failure not government non-interference. We have government intervention and it failed. It made things worse.

Consider the way the federal government rushed in and stopped all private efforts to help people. It wanted to monopolize the “rescue” even while it wasn’t rescuing anyone. Over and over all the government managed to do was prevent private efforts to help people.

But this is no surprise. Government aid is slow and cumbersome. Private aid is swift and easy. It has been repeatedly shown that when famine hits some region of Africa that food aid takes so long to arrive that the famine has often ended by the time the food arrives. When the free food does arrive it manages to bankrupt the local farmers, putting them out business, making future famines more likely.

People in New Orleans who had food and water and were able to protect themselves were rounded by the feds. Instead of helping people platoons of armed government agents went door to door disarming law abiding citizens. Physicians who sought to fly to the scene to help deliver needed care were stopped by federal agents. Over and over the federal government acted. And its first action was to always monopolize the charity by excluding private aid and preventing people from helping one another.

Bush and Krugman are soul brothers. They share the same love for overreaching, intrusive, regulatory, confiscatory government.

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