Friday, October 31, 2008

Concerted attack brings down No on 8 website.

Those folk who are doing “God’s work” by attacking marriage rights for same-sex couples continue to show their utter lack of morality, decency or honesty. If anything, as the election approaches, they are becoming more vicious in their campaign.

I have already outlined how the Prop 8 campaign in California has been lying to the public about the first graders who were taken by their parents to greet their teacher at city hall after her wedding. Prop 8 dropped all references to this being done by the parents and claimed it was proof how state schools will “indoctrinate” children on gay marriage. The Prop 8 supporters picked up the lie and have been spreading it around.

Then the official Prop 8 campaign, funded mostly by Mormons, used photos of the children in a television ad which repeated their lies about what happened. This was done against the express wishes of the parents and with utter disregard about the children who Prop 8 shamelessly exploited to promote their lies.

The man who created the lying ads for Prop 8 is Frank Schubert so the parents of the children went directly to him to appeal for a removal of their children from his dishonest ads. The Sacramento Bee reported on the situation. “Neither Schubert nor others in his office would speak to the two parents. Schubert’s office called security and guard escorted them out of the building. The parents left a letter saying, “We appeal to your sense of decency as a parent to take those ads off the air and off your web site.”

That is the mistake of the parents. They appealed to his sense of decency. The Prop 8 campaign has exhibited a profound lack of a sense of decency. Asking them to be decent is like asking a pauper for $500.

The second desperate incident is, in some ways more serious. Much of the money raised by the opposition to this odious amendment has done on-line. The No on 8 campaign had learned of another $1 million in Mormon funding that was given to the liars at the Yes on 8 offices from Utah -- this $1 million came from the grandson of a former president of the Mormon church. The No on 8 campaign issued an appeal for individuals to go to their site and contribute funds to match this money,

While this fund-raising campaign was gearing up someone started a denial-of-service attack on the No on 8 web site to prevent the fund-raising. The campaign began receiving fake requests for information via the site. As the requests began to mount it prevented legitimate donors from accessing the site and eventually the site was brought down by the attack.

In what can only be called a coincidence, if you are really naive, the opposition to Florida’s Amendment 2, which is another church funded antigay initiative, was also hit by a denial-of-service attack at about the same time.

Precisely why is it that the people who claim to defend morality are acting so immorally? Why is it that the defenders of decency are running such indecent campaigns? And how is it possible that people who are “pro-family” are spending so much time and money trying to hurt the families of others?

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