Saturday, December 27, 2008

Andrew Thomas stripped of power in civil matters.

One of the more disgusting vermin crawling around modern politics is the county prosecutor for Maricopa County, AZ, Andrew Thomas. I have outlined some of the fanatical type of actions taken by this rabid Christianist previously, so I won't do so again here.

Historically one of the jobs of the county prosecutor is to defend the county in lawsuits and to provide legal advice to the County Supervisors. Andrew Thomas will no longer be fulfilling that function. In a unanimous vote the County Supervisors have stripped Thomas of the authority to act on their behalf. They, instead, voted to hire private attorneys when needed. Thomas may no longer act on behalf of Maricopa County in any civil matters. It's a good start, now the voters need to finish the job and strip him of the office.

As expected, the bigoted sheriff of the county, Joe Arpaio, issued a statement with Thomas attacking the Supervisors for their action.