Saturday, January 31, 2009

Homeland Security protecting you from .... porn!

One lesson that the big government types, on both the Left and the Right, seem unable to grasp is that when government is given the power to act in one area it will use that area as the excuse in act in ways strictly forbidden to it. Here is a short piece about a documentary on how the thugs at Homeland Security used the "terrorism" excuse to shut down a producer of erotica. Oddly they said because the films produces showed "torture" it was promoting terrorism. So what is when the government actually engages in torture?

Of course the film merely depicted torture and the models were willing participants. The government physically tortures unwilling participants. And what is doubly bizarre is that the moralistic types will call actual torture "moral" while fake depictions are deemed immoral. That is really an inverted sense of morality.

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