Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RLC, dildos and hilarious dumbth

The issue about the Republican Liberty (sic) Caucus blog and its social authoritarianism has sunk to a new hysterical low. I see that Radley Balko, an editor at Reason as well a columnist for Fox News (every other week) has blogged on them.

The RLC then turned and attacked Balko with a barely coherent rant. Using almost the same language that one of their clowns used to attack me they called Balko a liberal posing as a libertarian and they don't mean classical liberal. They wouldn't understand the difference. Now Balko, as I said, is an editor at a major libertarian publication but this RLC blogger, who is clearly an amateur, doesn't care.

He/she (using the name Puma) says Balko is an "ersatz libertarian" (he/she clearly owns a thesaurus) who falsified his credentials. Puma writes that Balko's claim for writing for FoxNews "is not bourne (sic) out by the evidence. We searched through the site and could find only two URLs, from the summer of 2005, authored by Mr. Balko" Did you notice the incredible dumbth (that is dumb taken to the nth degree)? Radley said he writes a column for Fox News. To prove Radley is a liar they search Why would you search to find articles on Fox News? You wouldn't. I wouldn't. No sane, thinking person would. The RLC blogger, however, did.

That is incredibly, marvelously, hilariously stupid. That is one of the best examples of dumbth I've seen in a long time. At the very least the RLC is an amusing bunch of clowns. I guess they have some value after all -- for laughs.

The RLC Puma character closes: "Now, we wonder, can you (sic) take anything Radley Balko writes or says seriously, when he lies about his own resume? Wonder if his employers know about this?" Of course Balko was telling the truth about writing for Fox News -- I've read his columns there myself. The RLC clown is just dumb and went to a site that has nothing to do with Fox News and then thinks he/she has proven something about Radley. No, not quite. But Puma did prove something about his/her own intellectual abilities, or lack thereof. Hilarious.

It gets even funnier. The RLC blog decided to hot link to a photo of Radley from his own site.This meant that every time someone opened the RLC article they saw the photo from Radley's website as part of it. Radley, however, realized that they were using his bandwidth to place his photo on their site. So he changed his own website and replaced the photo on his site with a photo of a dildo that is carved to look like Obama. That is funny. Visitors to this crazy site were getting photos of an Obama dildo instead of the photo of Radley that the RLC was borrowing. The great thing about this is that they did it to themselves through their hot-linking.

The astoundingly stupid RLC people then sent Balko an email saying: "We have the evidence right here of your hacking. Cease and desist immediately. Hacking is a crime." The "hacking" accusation is as valid as their claim that he fakes his resume --- totally invalid. Balko changed his own site. Their site only changed because they were helping themselves to Balko's bandwidth through the hot link. These Bozos had the audacity to call Radley's changing of his own site "hacking". I'm starting to like these clowns but only because they are so "the gang that couldn't shoot straight". They have some great entertainment value. I don't know of any other political site that has given me so many horse laughs in so short a time, so unintentionally.

Of course, once they finally figured out that they searched the wrong site, and figured out that they libeled Radley with their false accusations, and figured out that they were the morons who uploaded the dildo photo to their own site, they suddenly deleted the attack on Radley. Now you just get an error message saying the information is no longer there.

The same imbecilic writer attacked Radley for questioning his/her false accusations against the Obama appointee -- and we have seen how good he/she is at research. Puma responds to Balko with a long piece citing laws that make child porn illegal. Apparently this moron can't grasp the fact that no one has disputed that. The whole dispute has been over whether badly drafted laws add anything to the laws already making such material a crime. Puma is just too stupid to grasp what people are saying and is spending his/her time refuting arguments that no one has made.

If this is the intellectual ability of the writers at RLC I don't think we have to worry about them. At least they are good for a lot of laughs. Personally I think they are funnier than the Three Stooges, even if they aren't as intellectual adept.

Photo 1: This appears to be two RLC members trying to shut Puma's trap. Photo 2 is the infamous Obama dildo that RLC put on their own site through their own dumbth.