Friday, February 20, 2009

What a load of bullshit.

This blog takes a dim view of bigotry. But this ruckus over the cartoon in the New York Post is a load of B.S., piled high and stinking to high heaven. For the record here is the cartoon.

Now for some context. A woman in Connecticut, not far from where this paper is published and thus a story familiar to the readers, had a pet chimp. The animal was rather larger and when a friend came to visit the woman the chimp viciously attacked the woman. Police arrived when called by the woman and shot the chimp to death. This shooting was clearly warranted.

Now a cartoonist for the Post depicts the same scene with the comment: "They'll have to find some else to write the next stimulus bill." It is directed at the U.S. Congress which cobbled together this absurd piece of legislation that I suspect will push the country clearly into Depression.

Clowns like the silly Rev. Al Sharpton started screeching "racism" at the top of their high-shrilled voices. (Sharpton is one of the most self-serving, assholes on the American political scene, a moron who cries racism with little or no provocation simple for the purpose of seeing his ugly mug on television).

What made this racist?

Apparently the brain-dead Sharpton followers believe the chimp represents President Obama and find that an implication that blacks are monkeys. Here is a clue for the not-so-sharp Sharpton crowd -- your messiah, Mr. Obama, did NOT author the Stimulus Bill. How stupid can you be? It can't be referring to Obama because Obama did not write the bill in question. It was written mostly by a much of greedy white politicians pandering to special interest groups.

When I first saw the cartoon I immediately could see that it ridiculed Congress. But those obsessed with racism said it had "racist undertones". I fear they reveal more about their own psychological problems than those of others. That they see Obama in the cartoon chimp is them projecting onto the cartoon their own obsession. It is clearly not about Obama. The US congress is mostly white, mostly male and almost entirely venial. To compare Congress to a rampaging chimp might be a insult to chimps the world over but it is not racism.

A professional witch-sniffer, Andrew Rojecki (who has a book to sell on how images are secretly racist) claims this is racist because: "Well, who wrote the last stimulus bill? It's Obama and the Democratic Party, but really it's associated with one person--and that's Obama." Rojecki is just a con man.

Odd thing is that I've associated these asinine stimulus bills with George Bush and the Republicans. They got the ball rolling for them. The current Congress then took over in January and kept working with the pile of garbage that the Republicans concocted. They took the pile of garbage and added a lot more trash to it but they merely carried on what the Bush league was doing before them. Of all the politicians, the one I associated least with this measure, is Obama. He has been a cheerleader for it but he didn't write it. Rojecki is inventing this crap because it is the only way for him to sell his theory, which he hopes will lead to sales of his no doubt well-deservedly neglected book.

I find it shockingly racist of Sharpton and others to immediately see Obama in the image of the dead chimp. I do not believe the carton was meant to depict Obama, that would be a gross distortion of the facts about this bill. That people on the Left did find this image to be about him says more about their racism than it does about the cartoon. The term is "projection" people -- go look it up.