Monday, March 16, 2009

Burn the heretic, it's blasphemy.

An 11-year-old boy learned that one doesn't do anything that might be considered offensive to the Lord and Savior of us all, Barack "Jesus" Obama.

Dru Lechert-Kelly was intending to enter the school talent show. He was going to dress like the president, wear an Obama mask, and do a dance and rap called "I Can Do Whatever I Like." This is based on a rap satire that was on Youtube (see it at the bottom). The video is a bit disturbing since it seems to promote the cult of the presidency, the George Bush idea that the president can do whatever he likes. Now whether the creator thinks this is good or bad is not clear but not important here either.

Dru rehearsed his skit wearing a presidential-looking suit, the Obama mask and various props including a presidential seal. At the rehearsal it is said that those in attendance applauded loudly except for a few who immediately went whining to the school that it was "offensive." The principal, Steve Powell, said that some parents felt "it's inappropriate and potentially offensive." Oddly Principal Powell refuses to say what is offensive about the skit. I guess it's a secret.

Dru, who was rescued from a Romanian orphanage when he was one-years-old by his fathers, Paul Kelly and partner Scott Lechert, is being left in the dark as to what he did wrong. Scott Lechert says, "At what point will it become OK for an 11-year-old admirer to dress up as the president without fear of offending someone?" Kelly said, "There was obviously no intent to harm here or really any possibility of offending anyone."

Given the option of doing the same routine with the Obama mask Dru said: "If I don't have the mask, it's just some kid up there dancing around."

In the current cult of the presidency the Obamatrons sincerely seem to believe that no one is allowed to criticize their messiah. Anything which is less than worshipful brings out howls proclaiming it "offensive" and demanding censorship. Somehow I suspect that one term of Obama may get people wishing Dubya was back. Who thought that within a matter of days that Obama could make Bush look like a paragon of fiscal restraint.

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