Friday, April 10, 2009

Some people find the oddest things troubling.

The irrationality of the anti-gay crowd amazes me. Sometimes, however, they are so bizarre and strange that they only bring about smiles and laughter. I've seen stand-up comics who aren't as funny as some of the Christianists, and the latter aren't even trying.

Most people have seen the rainbow flag, which symbolizes gay pride—except in parts of Europe where the flag, with the word "peace" on it, is an an anti-war symbol. Someone in Neptune, New Jersey, at a residents association meeting, wants the city council to look into banning the rainbow flag on houses. Their complaint reads:
"Ref: Display of sexual orientation flags," the question begins. "More and more, we are noticing flags being displayed on (Shark River Hills) properties declaring the occupants' sexual orientation or proclivity — not just the multicolored "gay' striped flags, but also banners indicating fetishes and or other "lifestyle' choices.

"While this type of display may be acceptable in certain gay enclaves, there is simply no justification for it in a family oriented neighborhood like (Shark River Hills.) Your comments?"
Alas, this person's imagination is running away with them. I've lived in major cities and medium size cities, in various countries as well, yet never heard of, or seen, a flag for "fetishes and or other 'lifestyle' choices." Ooops, there is the Christian flag which I've seen used by various conservative churches. But other than that, I can honestly say I've never heard of such a thing. I suggest the only flat that has this person upset is the rainbow flag. If they can't get gays removed from "family oriented neighborhoods" (hey, Hans Hermann Hoppe would vote for that!) then at least they can get the flags out.

Meanwhile a politician from the conservative, religious-oriented Law and Justice Party in Poland is complaining that the local zoo purchased an elephant which appears to be gay. The politicians whines: "We didn't pay 37 million zlotys ($11 million) for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there." It could be worse. The compound could be flying a rainbow flag or some of the other "fetish" flags that allegedly exist.

Meanwhile the police in Brooklyn, New York are up in a dither because a local pizzaria has a weekly gay night which includes male go-go dancers. (That isn't what I usually get when I order a pizza with sausage.) Captain Kennenty Corey, of the 76th Precinct promised: "We're going to determine the legality of it. If they're outside of it, then we're going to take action." I feel safer already. Police didn't even know about the weekly party until the New York Times ran an article mentioning it. Obviously they were flooded with complaints. The gay party is held on a night when the pizzeria, in the past, was usually closed. And the sign outside clearly says "Gay Party" to warn off the faint-of-heart.

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