Sunday, May 24, 2009

There WILL be dancing!

Here is a news story which illustrates the sort of fundamentalist mentality that I've often discussed. This Baptist minister is absolutely serious.

I remember the first time I heard a fundamentalist Baptist preach about the sin of "mixed bathing." I was baffled. All I could think of was these Japanese baths where members of both sexes are in the waters naked. But, as far as I knew, that tradition was not found in the old US of A. It was only later that I discovered that "bathing" meant a swimming pool or beach.

They always preached against the sin of movies and weren't so fond of television either. Owning a deck of cards, even for solitaire, was considered sinful. In our church one married couple asked the minister if they were allowed to dance together in the privacy of their home only to be told they weren't since that would lead others into sin. There was one joke going around about how fundamentalist Christians want to ban premarital sex because they were afraid it would lead to dancing.

These people are really a joke. Actually I shouldn't say they are joke, they are far, far worse. They literally screw up the lives and minds of millions of people. They inflict pain and suffering on others, they are small-minded, bigoted, vicious and cruel. And they all have the delusion that they are speaking for a deity. That makes them dangerous.