Sunday, May 17, 2009

This must have the Christianists fuming, but bravo.

This story has to have the American Taliban fuming with rage, as if you'd expect any other emotion from them. Watch and then come for some background. I can hardly wait to see how the Christianists spin this one—they are so inventive.

Ethan McNamee said he came up with the idea of holding the rally because he knows a lesbian couple in his neighborhood. He told reporters they are "the nicest people in the world." Ethan though it unfair that this couple couldn't get married. So, with his mother's permission and support, he asked the school if he could change an independent project he was working on to cover activism instead. His teacher warned him that he should expect criticism but Ethas persisted.

Ethan contacted a local gay organization and told them that he had the rally planned out already. His one problem was a permit, since the government doesn't recognize him as having the right of protest—he's too young. So he asked his teacher to sign for the permit on his behalf. Ethan wrote his own speech and delivered it on the steps of the capitol building.

Here is Ethan's speech. He struggled with reading it but that only adds to the charm of the whole thing.