Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take a minute to appreciate the good in the world.

Here is a harrowing video, one that had me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, and fighting back tears. A mother and her two young children are driving when she has an accident. She and the children are trapped in the car. The car catches fire. From every direction people run to help, to try and rescue this terrified family. Watch it. Savor it. Appreciate it.

It is so easy to see the corrupt, the evil, the fearful, and the hateful that so often inspires human action, especially in the realm of politics. To see people rallying to save someone simply because another human being is being hurt bring tears of joy to my eyes. It gives me hope.

I can only pray that they day will come when people realize that these best moments of human life ought to be our everyday moments. No one debated whether or not the mother in that car was black or white. I sincerely doubt that anyone cared if the people helping to kick in those windows were straight or gay. If an "illegal" alien was there helping save those lives, who would give a damn about his status?

I have to wonder why it is that that same lack of care about such inconsequential human differences becomes so important when we are safe and comfortable? Is it really that important?