Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just to put things in perspective.

And then there's this take on the amazing expanding universe.

Who says you need a deity to stand in awe? I also believe in miracles, man-made miracles. The miracle of making the blind see, the lame walk and the deaf to hear. We see those who heart stopped beating brought make to consciousness. We see those sentenced to death with cancers given new life. Infants, who not many years ago, would have been doomed, live. We take seeds that nature gave us and redesign them so they bloom in deserts, resist pests, and return a harvest far more plentiful than ever thought possible. Our species has no wings, yet millions of us fly each day. We are born without claws yet no wild beast can conquer us. We have eyes like all other species, but with our abilities we can see molecules and watch galaxies billions of light years away. And what made all this possible?

It wasn't faith. It was reason. All this is possible because of one thing; the thinking mind. We have the choice to think, or to avoid thinking. Thankfully for our survival we only need the best minds to think and give us what we all enjoy. Just imagine what would be possible if those committed to irrationality and faith joined the Enlightenment and choose to think as well.

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