Friday, November 06, 2009

Wishful thinking at its best.

The recent off-year elections seemed to favor the Republicans. Of course, the Republicans immediately chimed in that this was approval by the American public for their policies.

Nope. Once again that is wishful thinking.

When Obama won fairly handily it was claimed that this was because Americans wanted a dose of of Big Government policies, as a cure for the Big Government polices of Georgie Boy. Wrong again.

Very few Americans are voting for anyone, or for anything. They are voting against the status quo.

Americans couldn't stomach Georgie, and with good reason, he was repulsive and dangerous. Because they were disgusted with him they fled the party that he represented. The Democrats want to believe it was because everyone is clamoring for socialized medicine, higher taxes, bigger deficits, and lots more regulations. But this was nothing more than scared boys whistling in the graveyard to pretend they aren't afraid. The whistle stops them from thinking about how scared they are and helps cover up any sounds that might send them off in terror. The Democrats whistled their tune to convince themselves that the public really, really, really does love them and wants more of their policies.

But Americans tend not to be masochists. They don't yearn the Democratic leash anymore than they want the Republican one.

The American electoral system is rigged from start to finish to make sure that a duopoly will continue to control the country. Each party stays in, screwing over the public in particular areas until the public, disgusted by them, tosses them out. Then the other party comes in and starts the process all over again.

The Democrats come in and screw people over with economic regulations galore. They make a lot of noise about civil liberties and war but they never really do anything to turn back Republican regulations they find repulsive. After the voters have stomached as much of this as they can, the Republicans get elected.

They come in and ignore the economic regulations of the Democrats and try to strip away as many civil liberties as possible. Remember when the Democrats started the federalizing of education by creating a Department of Education, during the reign of Jimmy Carter. The Republicans get elected on a platform of repealing the department. That was 30 years ago. It's still there. Even when the Republicans controlled the Presidency and both house of Congress they did nothing to repeal the measure.

The damn department was barely weeks old when Reagan got elected but nothing happened to repeal it. If anything the Republicans ended up using it to further their goals of trying to control the private lives of Americans by pushing "abstinence education."

At best the parties engage in token repeals of legislation passed by their opponents. But most the time they merely use the legislation for their own benefit. But the public gets screwed over.

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