Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas is Creepy

Fred Figglehorn is a six-year-old with anger management issues. Actually Fred is the invention of Lucas Cruikshank, a 16-year-old from Columbus, Nebraska. With two cousins he started filming himself playing Fred by speeding up the picture to raise his voice to a childish pitch and given the character a hyperactive trait as well. Posting his videos to YouTube turned Fred into an instant celebrity with millions of fans and just as many people who utterly hate him.

Cruikshank has made in excess of $100,000 from his character is now licensing products from Fred. His Facebook page has over 2 million friends. Because of his home-made videos Lucas has been on several television shows and will be staring in the film Emo Boy. He started his online career at 14 and it looks like he'll make it work. Cruikshank, as Fred, has a Christmas music video out. And I sort of like this one. The song is Christmas is Creepy. And he has a point. Enjoy the fun. In the first 24 hours it has had over 600,000 views.