Monday, March 08, 2010

Antigay Republican confesses he's gay.

The anti-gay Republican state senator from Bakersfield, California, Roy Ashburn, has admitted he's gay. He was the guy who got too tipsy at a gay bar in Sacramento and was weaving his way home. The police picked him up for drunk driving, he was in the company of a man he apparently met at the bar. After his arrest became news numerous individuals informed the media that Ashburn, who has voted against equality of rights for gay people, was in the gay bar.

Ashburn went into hiding for several days. With that information in all the media, Ashburn was pretty much pushed into a corner. During a radio interview he admitted: "I am gay... those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long." Press reporst say that Ashburn "said he is drawing on his Christian faith, and he asked people to pray for him." Perhaps that is one of the reasons he had so much trouble saying those "words."

I wonder what the "gay-is-a-choice" conservatives will tell the antigay Ashburn? Will they tell him that he just decided to become gay? Will they claim he is demon possessed (which for a Republican today seems fitting)? How many times do they have to witness such sad cases before they realize that there gay-is-a-choice theory is wrong? My guess is that the fundamentalist types will never admit the reality because it goes against their view of the Bible. And for them, reality has to be forced to correspond with their faith, no matter how disfigured reality becomes as a result.

Ryan Sorba: are you watching? We are all waiting to see what happens with you.

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