Saturday, May 22, 2010


Update: Here is a recording from Team Jordan after reaching Camp 2 on their descent. At this time they are still there. Here is the report from Jordan's father.

I am following Jordan Romero's ascent to the summit of Mt. Everest using his live GPS coordinates. This is very good for showing latitude and longitude, not so great for determining altitude. It sure looks like he has reached the summit to me. Here is his recent GPS locations superimposed on Everest itself. It he isn't there yet he has literally yards or feet to go.

Halfway through typing, word has come in: Jordan is standing on the top of Mt. Everest. You little ripper you!

And the really wonderful thing is that technology allowed me to follow it so closely and allowed Team Jordan to call their base and confirm they made safely to the top. Now come home safe. Warning to 13-year-olds the world over, your parents are going to be less likely to take excuses as to why you can't do something after this. Me, I wonder what he'll do for an encore. I celebrate his dream.

The latest GPS data shows them descending, hopefully intentionally.