Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does God have better taste than his followers?

One of the frightening things I noticed amongst born-again types, at least during my years in the church, was the utter lack of good taste. Really folks, the evangelists would show up with white shoes and white belts and really did think it looked spiffy. But then, if you believe in virgin births, walking on water and resurrections, it is not that much more absurd to think white shoes and belts actually look good. Apparently this fundamentalist church in Ohio had this rather tacky statue in front of the church and a bolt of lightening set the thing ablaze. I would have to suggest that their deity has better taste than these folks.

Speaking of belts, did you hear the one about the Republican Congressman Aaron Schock. Schock is followed by lots of rumors, and I mean lots. These aren't even whisper campaigns, but outright claims that Mr. Schock, a conservative Republican is gay. Of course, that NEVER happens, if by "never" we mean all the time. When Schock appeared at a picnic, dressed a bit spiffy for the crowd, the photo went viral around the net, with many thinking that this was just "too gay" for a Republican. Schock sent out a Twitter with his response: "Never thought a pic of me w/ my shirt on would go viral. Learned my lesson and burned the belt." I hope he's kidding, after all burning the belt would be a classic over-compensation technique, almost as desperate as the busty babe with her mammary glands hanging over one's head. And no one would do something that desperate!