Monday, July 05, 2010

Hectic living: an apology in advance.

This blogger feels negligent and frustrated. I know how many people come here on a regular basis and believe there is an unspoken contract between myself and the readers: one which obligates me to fulfill my side of the bargain and provided something of value along the way.

My schedule has been unduly hectic of late and is only getting worse over the short term. This particularly bothers me because the blog is reaching an milestone. Sometime in the next couple of weeks or so we will have our one millionth reader.

Unfortunately I may one of the last people to know that given how my schedule may be.

Over the next week blog entries are likely to be slow. And then it may go down hill from there. There is some chance that I be traveling for a couple of weeks. Normally that slows things down, but in this case it may mean adding to the blog is impossible.

That is not hyperbole, however. If the gods that be smile upon me—or curse me depending on your perspective—I may be in a part of the world where communication via the internet is very, very difficult. I just don't know for sure if the trip is on or not and I won't know until literally the last minute.

I may have only a day or two to prepare and, if this works out, I won't be easily in touch with this blog. So I wish to apologize in advance, if I seem uncommunicative for the next couple of weeks. My ability to blog will be severely hampered, and has already been so for the last week. For the next week I will have access to the site but find it difficult to do so time-wise. Then there is a fair chance I will be somewhere where it is difficult to access the net without interference.

I will try to find some spare time to prepare some posts in advance. And if I find that I do have access to the blog I will try to post comments now and then. But, discretion will be necessary given the political powers that be in that part of the world. Hopefully I will have some access but given that access is severely restricted there, I have my doubts that this will be easy and will have to assume that everything is being monitored.