Sunday, August 15, 2010


While so many rabidly condemn an Islamic cultural center being built a few blocks from "ground zero" in New York City is anyone noticing what Israel is doing in Jerusalem.

Supposedly it is insensitive to have an Islamic center any where within the vicinity of the Twin Towers site -- I assume because it is believe all Muslims are alike.

If that is insensitive what would you call Israel taking bulldozers into the oldest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem and destroying over 100 graves? Ironically Israel is destroying the cemetery to build a so-called Museum of Tolerance.

Israel sent bulldozers into the cemetery during the dark of night in the hopes of being undetected and when news crews filmed the destruction they were removed by police.

There is no doubt this was a cemetery and had been for centuries. Israel declared the cemetery to be state porperty and says that when tombstones were destroyed, if they were rebuilt, they were not "fake" tombstones. Israel says this is the seizure of "state land."

Real graves have been destroyed, whether the tombstones that replaced them are "fake" is irrelevant. Why do I suspect that those harping about the insensitivity of having a Muslim center anywhere near ground zero will have nothing to say about the insensitivity of destroying a graveyard?