Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Rat Comes Out of His Hole.

Andrew Shirvell, the anti-gay bigot who is obsessed with a gay college student and spends his spare time harassing the boy, has come out of his hole. Last night CNN's Anderson Cooper reported on Shirvell's obsession and interviewed Shirvell. Here is the clip of that encounter.

This blog covered this story two weeks ago, but I've noticed CNN is often slow on stories like this. Cooper's take is sufficient but a bit short on details, in order to give Shirvell time to try to defend himself. For more information on exactly how obsessive and hateful Shirvell has been read our original story.

Remember Shirvell is a fundamentalist Catholic. He's more Catholic than the Pope. But, like the Pope, he is obsessed with attacking gay people. So far, unlike the Pope, he hasn't tried to blame the Catholic-priest-child-abuse epidemic on gay people. But Shirvell's obsession goes back for years. Sort of like the anti-gay attacks of people like George Recker, Bishop Long, and Ted Haggard. I wonder who is lifting Shirvell's luggage?

In one article from 2005 Shirvell was attacking the New York Pizza Depot in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The pizzaria offended Shirvell because it had a rainbow flag sticker on display. Shirvell says the flag is offensive because it represent radical homosexuals. He claimed that the pizzeria told him that the gay community "forced" them to display it after some altercation. He said they "had to put up the rainbow flag decal in order to appease the homosexuals." But the man Shirvell claimed told him this denies they ever had that conversation and said it simply wasn't true. Apparently Shirvell has been lying about gay people for some years now. The difference today is that is obsession is focues entirely on one young man who has done nothing to Shirvell.

Personally I suspect Shirvell would rather bed the young man but two things stand in his way: 1) his own fantatical Catholicism; and 2) the young man probably doesn't go dumpster diving for his sexual partners.

Given that two teenage boys killed themselves in the last few days I want to personally call out Andrew Shirvell for contributing to the sort of hatred that encourages anti-gay bullies in the schools. Shirvell and his ilk encourage hatred and teach it to children. Those children, like Shirvell, then turn their attention to some victim and inflict misery on them without stop, as Shirvell is trying to do with this college student. Because of this anti-gay bullying two teens, who were alive only days ago, are now dead.

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