Friday, November 19, 2010

TSA: Total Sexual Abuse

The TSA continues to molest passengers in the name of security. Oddly Israel, which has more problems with terrorism than the US, manages to secure their flights without any of these antics. Israeli anti-terrorism experts say the TSA is doing more harm than good and and that all of this is a waste of money which gives no additional security.

But the ass-licker authoritarians are lining up to lick a region on Janet Napolitano that would get intimate pat downs, if Janet were subjected to the same indignity as the peons.

There are two responses to this that disgust me. The first is the closet Nazi who says whatever the government wants the government should get. These people belong in Cuba or North Korea, not in America. The second type are the morons who live life in terror of every threat and demand exaggerated, usually counter-productive measures thus creating more harm than good.

After Columbine we saw "zero tolerance" on "weapons." But, in typical government fashion, that means things so broadly defined that one kid was expelled from school for pointing a fish finger at another kid and going "pow." A kid with a GI Joe figure, that was holding a tiny plastic toy gun, was expelled for bringing a weapon to school. And the same moronic mentality was at play there with some brainless parents coming up with BS like: "well, if it saves one life, it's worth it."

This second group is not nearly as repulsive as those slaves yearning for the leash, they are just stupid. The first group, however, while it may include the terminally dumb, usually is made up of people who yearn for a Hitler or Mao to take control. Stupid people can be taught, but these authoritarians are so morally deficient that they are hopeless and they do pose a threat to American constitutional government. We have always had those who the yearn the leash, just these days these cowards, afraid to live as free men, seem proud of their servantile mentality.

Here's the real kicker. The travel Gestapo charges everyone one of us for the cost of having them hire people to fondle our junk. But now that the TSA thugs are spending more time fondling breasts, butts, scrotums and dicks, to pretend to make us safer, their costs have gone up, so the TSA is saying they will have to charge us more money.

I guess this means it isn't sexual molestation after all, if you pay people to touch your genitals it is normally called prostitution. However, in prostitution the fondling and exchange of cash are voluntary and in this case neither are, so perhaps we are dealing with with molestation and extortion. It reminds me of the authoritarian dystopia depicted in Terry Gilliam's marvelous 1985 film Brazil. The regime in the film arrests one Harry Buttle, when in fact they wished to arrest Harry Tuttle. Buttle is grabbed out of his home, black bagged and disappears into a system of "extraordinary rendition" when he dies. The bureaucrats send his widow the bill for the raid, along with charges for cremating his body. We are not in Orwell's 1984 but in Gilliam's Brazil. The Orwellian regime merely violated your rights, they didn't then bill you for the privilege.

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