Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The TSA Expands into Bus Terminals.

So, who really thought that the TSA would stop at the airports? Not me.

The reality is that the Obama administration, with a kick-start from the disgusting Bush baby, are implementing a system that will allow the federal government to clamp down on all public transit.

Also note that the government is resorting to what amounts to internal passports. The TSA, to "solve" a problem they have created, has put into place a special pass. Frequent travelers can go through security checks with the federal government and with the pass can move through TSA checkpoints at a much more rapid speed. That system failed, much like everything else TSA did. But expect it to be back. The idea is that with this special pass one can get through security faster. That would be very close to an internal passport.

As the TSA expands to bus stations and rail stations you can assume that any individual the government wants stopped, even political dissidents, can be stopped. The Feds now operate on the assumption that there is no right to travel, only a privilege granted by the State. And like all other privileges it can be suspended as the Federal agents deem necessary.

Twenty years ago it was assumed that all Americans had the right to fly without Federal control over who may, or may not board a plane. Now that right is completely gone. All you need do is say a word that sounds disrespectful to the fatwad high shcool dropout thug in the uniform and they can make sure you DO NOT get on your plane. It was once assumed that government had to have search warrants to search your belongings and your body, or probably cause at minimum. Now they don't.

They are now expanding this system to busses and train stations.

And if you think this doesn't impact automobile travel you are very wrong. Remember how Willie Nelson was just arrested for possession of pot, that was a TSA checkpoint on the highway. It was a private bus that they entered and searched, not public transport.

And where are the Obamatrons in all this? Still worshipping their tinhorn messiah and pretending his "progressivism" is not the authoritarianism that it clearly is.

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