Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gary Johnson, CPAC, conservatives and Ron Paul

Gary Johnson is the only politician who I could support. He's far better than paleoconservative Ron Paul.

Speaking of Ron, I find it hilarious that YAF (which should stand for Youth Against Freedom, but supposedly means Young Americans for Freedom) has said they are throwing Ron Paul off their advisory board. Advisory boards actually never advise, they are for show and usually used by the organization as a fund raising tool to give them legitimacy.

YAF is upset because of one of the issues where Ron Paul is correct, his support for the Old Right position of non-interventionism. YAF tries to paint Paul as some sort of Lefty for this position. In truth however, the bipartisan foreign policy that now has the US stationing troops around the world is Woodrow Wilison's policy and FDR's policy. It is an imperialistic policy that came from the political Left. Though some lefties, like William Jennings Bryan, were clear exceptions.

What is particularly hilarious is that the clowns at YAF claimed to be the oldest "conservative/libertarian" organization around. There is no such creature as a conservative/libertarian. Conservatives are not libertarians and real libertarians are not conservatives. Gary Johnson is no conservative, he is a libertarian. Ron Paul, however, is not a libertarian but a conservative albeit one with some libertarian tendencies, but more paleoconservative than anything else.

I have watched the debate about the CPAC conference for conservatives in DC with some amusement. The presence of a gay conservative group at the CPAC has the theocratic Right foaming at the mouth. Moralistic assholes kept popping up and announcing that they would not attend because, shock, horror, there were "homosexuals" in the crowd.

These people react to gays the same way that Nazis react to Jews, or the Klan does when a black man walks down the street. It is pathetic.

But CPAC has always attracted a younger crowd and they are less concerned about being warriors for Christ, so they aren't quite so willing to host a Holy Inquisition and burn a few heretics on top of the faggots used to light the fire. (Yes, that is the origin of that insulting word, it was the kindling used to burn people at the stake in the name of a loving god.) So, the CPAC attendees aren't so interested in the verbal gay bashing that Christians do so well and so endlessly.

To me the debate that ought to be held is why are libertarians at CPAC, not why are conservatives there. Let's face it people: the modern conservative is not a libertarian. He is even less libertarian than the Old Right conservatives, who still failed at being libertarian. Conservatives are bad on almost everything, when it comes to their political view points.

Libertarians are quite a different species entirely. And the less time libertarians spend with conservatives the better.

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