Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Religious Right Leader Relieves Himself in Public

Rev. Grant Storms has made something of a pest of himself in that he has been involved in constant campaigns denouncing gay people as immoral. He was one of these God-judged-New-Orleans-and-sent-a-hurricane types. In particular he was upset by the Southern Decadence festival which attracts gay people from around the country. He and his fundamentalist followers have gone to the festival to try and harass attendees. But, it appears, the Bible isn't the only thing that Rev. Storms beats.

He was recently parked at playground watching children while he masturbated. He had the windows of his car open so he could easily be seen. A woman who brought her kids to the park had parked next to him when she saw what he was doing. She got her kids back out of her car and told another woman what had happened. The second woman walked past Storms vehicle and verified that he was indeed masturbating while watching the children. She called a park employee who called police and then detained the self-proclaimed "Christian patriot" until law enforcement arrived.

In the above photo Rev. Storms is leading an anti-gay march through the French Quarter. He is the man with the broom, allegedly showing how God's people will "sweep the city clean" of perversion. Given his arrest record perhaps he should bring a mop next time.

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