Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No, you couldn't make this up!

The British media in particular likes to take the piss out of people with April Fool's jokes. Once a year they publish entirely bogus stories, some quite imaginative, that continually fool people. One always has to be extra aware on April 1st.

The gay PinkNews paper published an April Fool's article about a new iPhone application going by the name of Kroozr. According to the article you install the app on your phone and when you turn it on it will scan all men in the vicinity and tell you who is gay and who isn't, using "its inbuilt Kinsey Scale."

They even claimed to have "developed a 'filtering' feature, whereby you can set the app to scree out men with ponytails, bumbags or Chinese symbol tattoos."

What a hoot! Come on people, really? Did they think this pathetic joke would fool anyone? After all exactly how would a phone be able to scan only men and then determine who is or isn't gay by the scan? And how would it weed out people based on tattoos or, as the article said "those wearing sandals with socks?"

Of course, the whole point of my report is that someone did fall for the story. And not just someone who is an anyone, but one of the major Right-wing Christian fundamentalists in the UK. Green, who has been exposed as an abusive husband and father, wrote up a story repeating the claims of the joke story, except Green reported them as true.

Green wrote, regarding the non-existent iPhone app:

"Everything about the depravity, the sadness, the lack of normality, even of humanity, the promiscuity driven by the pathology of homosexuality is distilled into this story."

Okay! Dare I point out that if this "story" shows all the depravity, etc., of being gay, then there is none since the story is fake. Admittedly this man's entire faith relies on believing claims which are ridiculous on the face of things, but still, you might have thought that given the April 1st tradition of printing bogus stories, he might have been slightly more discerning.

His blog, described by his as "a radical, Biblical, forthright, Christ-centered ministry" pushing for "Godly government" gives no indication that Green could discern fact from fiction. His article on the fake app is entirely serious and reports the story as absolutely true. Now, I wouldn't be surprised if he removes that article. Just in case, I've illustrated this article with a screen capture of the entire article. If the link to the article shows it to be removed just view this illustration here for the entirety of it.

Note: As we assumed Green has finally caught on to his foolishness and changed the content of his blog. For information on what he did see our update on this here.

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