Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So what?

The media seems to be in another feeding frenzy that Arnold Schwarzenegger father a child with a woman other than his wife and that the child is now a teen.

My take on it? So what? It's really none of our business.

It isn't that Arnold ran for office as a moralistic busy-body. He didn't do that. There was no violation of his promises to the voters, at least not because of this. If had been one of these Religious Right lunatics, anxious to use the state to ram "biblical morality" down our throats, then I'd say skewer away.

His now-separated wife, Maria, has a right to feel betrayed. To a smaller degree his kids do as well. But I have no interest in the matter and neither does the media.

Privately Arnold had the obligation to help care for his son. All the reports have indicated that he has done so.

My view is that this, at most, ought to have been a two-minute story and that the media has better things to do.

My advice is for the press to stay out of it. Arnold and Marie have issues to resolve, we don't. As for the Schwarzenegger's children my only advice is to remember that their half-brother is not responsible for any of this. He did nothing and is as much an innocent by-stander as you are. He is your half-brother, embracing him as such is not condoning anything that happened.

The real scum in this matter may prove, once again, to be the gutter tabloid papers that brainless housewives buy at the checkout line in the grocery store. There are claims that these papers are offering high bounties for anyone who gives them a photo of the child. These people have no decency. This kid has done nothing! Leave him alone. And anyone who feeds that depravity by purchasing those papers deserves the lowest rungs of hell.

If you want to go after Arnold go after him for his failure to reign in the California budget.