Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God hates herring!

Here is the sort of nonsense you get when you replace science with superstition. Rabbi Yehuda Levin, whose faith requires him to look as if an emaciated possum crawled onto his face and died. This hate-filled Rabbi goes into lie after lie to try to prove that his loving God is killing people because God hates gay people as much as the Rabbi does. I find it interesting that when people invent deities they invent ones with all the stupid, petty prejudices that inflict themselves.

I still stand by my observation that when a person invents a god, they invent one that is really a grand version of them self. Bigots like Levin invent gods that are as bigoted as they are. Catholics think God is a big version of the Pope, though I'm not sure he hides the scandals as actively as the Pope does.

Levin says that the earthquake in Haiti was about gays. How? Well, Haiti has a high HIV rate and apparently the silly rabbi doesn't realize it can be spread heterosexually. Actually, contrary to the rants from the Right, HIV is mainly spread heterosexually, not homosexually. Most the HIV victims in the world are heterosexual. Of course, you had that fake libertarian, Ron Paul, telling readers of his hate newsletters that the only way they could not get AIDS unless they "are deliberately infected by a malicious gay." (Gee, what does that House Gay, JR, who licks Ron Paul's boots today, have to say about that? Wasn't he the same person who wrote a book claiming AIDS was a government conspiracy. Today he just engages in cheap anti-Semitism on behalf of Ronnie and Lew.)

Levin now argues that the earthquake on the East Coast was God punishing New York for gay marriage. Apparently God has bad eyesight—which would explain why God doesn't smite Levin for that hideous, scraggly looking beard.

God screwed up. He sent the earthquake to a town called Mineral, Virginia. Now, give or take a few miles, Mineral is 300 miles from New York. So, the malignant being that Levin invents decides to punish New York by sending an earthquake to a small town in Virginia 300 miles. And Virginia is just as anti-gay as the Rabbi. This is divine justice! New York got the residual effects, nothing more. They got shaken up a little bit by an entirely natural process.

Here are the facts, put in terms that even a God-besotted, crazed rabbi can understand. Earthquakes happen every day. They happen all over the world, every day. They happen in places that hate gays, the way the Rabbi demands, and they happen in places where people don't hate gays. Today we had significant earthquakes in Toga, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not a tolerant place for gay people nor are Peru and Toga known for their "gay scene." There were three large quakes today in the Norwegian Sea, which is hardly a hotbed of gay activity. All that happens there is shipping, fishing and oil rigs. God hates herring!

Yesterday we had significant earthquakes in such "gay friendly" places as Indonesia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Colombia and New Guinea. In the past week Vanuatu has had 19 significant earthquakes. They get over 2,000 "seismic events" per year. I checked with "Gay Vanuatu" to see what could be causing all this shaking. Their site says, "there is no active 'gay scene' in Vanuatu." Gee, with 2,000 seismic events per year, and 19 significant earthquakes in the last week, according to the crazy Rabbi's theory they should be buggering on the beaches as we speak.

The god of Levin is clearly a buffoon. And if he did exist he should sue Levin and those like him for lible. This is laughable, or at least it would be, if it weren't so clearly animated by hatred for gay people. Rabbi Levin is a theological clown, which may explain that beard.

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