Friday, November 11, 2011

Christians Ignore Constitution to Recruit Children

This blog has long contended that the persistent whining from the Religious Right, that their "religious freedom" is being eroded, is like almost everything else they say, a lie. Religious freedom is alive. What has been under "attack" is the desire of fundamentalist bigots to use other people's resources to preach their nonsense.

You won't, for instance, find a line of people preventing churches from opening. You won't find Occupy-type thugs trying to use their eerie group-talk "mic" to drown out a speaker in a church.

What is happening is that fundamentalists are some of the most notoriously dishonest people in American politics. It seems the more the drool over Jesus they more dishonest they become. They routinely lie about just about everything they say.

Separation of church and states gives them freedoms that no other groups experience. Pretend that some divinity is whispering in you ear—especially when you forget to take your meds—and you are pretty much in line for an automatic tax exemption. Promote reason, liberty and such human values it it can months for the IRS to decide whether you are worthy of the exemption that gospel lunatic asylums get pretty much automatically.

But these people are not happy just being tax exempt, they also want tax funds actively put into their own pockets to enable them to preach their silly idea of spiritual socialism: take the good from Christ who has more good in him than anyone else, and they redistribute it to evil sinners all these people "are equal in the eyes of God," and get the same reward. Divine redistribution was preached long before Marx picked up on the silliness and tried to apply it to this world.

Here you have video from the misnamed New Heights Middle School, Jefferson, South Carolina. Admittedly South Carolina is not precisely a civilized area of the country. But the constitution still applies to all areas. Here you have a government school, one founded on the force of government, compelling students to attend, whether they wish to do so or not. In addition the school itself and the staff are paid from taxes taken from everyone in the areas—whether they wish to pay them or not.

The alleged reason for all this force is "educate" children. Instead, this school brought in some obvious evangelist who spent the day trying to get children to covert to Christianity. He set up a revival meeting in the school, the school coerced students into attending. They claimed that they convinced 300 some students to covert to Christianity because of this. SCHOOLS are not churches and they shouldn't be used for religious indoctrination. See the incident in question below:

There is more. While the Jesus-addicts who have taken control of this school are preaching nonsense they are also failing to teach students the lessons they are allegedly coerced into learning. New Heights Middle School, where this conman tent revivalist was given free reign to molest the minds of children, is failing to teach their kids things like science, writing, English, math and so forth. The school apparently doesn't have enough time to teach the lessons that the schools were allegedly set up to teach, but has time to push religious fantasies as if they made rational sense.

You can easily check how well a school does when it comes to the results of standardized testing. New Heights FAILS to meet even the state-wide average in every class and for every subject. They may have time for Jesus, but they aren't doing a good job teaching courses.

Below are the three grades in the school. Below them are the subjects that are taught. Next to that you will see a negative number. This number reflects how far below the state average this said little school is. You will clearly see that the school administration here is failing to teach kids their lessons but apparently has plenty of time to violate constitutional protections on separation of church and state.

Social Students • -7%
Science • -9%
Writing • -11%
English/Language Arts • -13%
Math • -13%

Average lag for these students -10.6%

Grade 7

Social Students • -15%
Science • -12%
Writing • -8%
English/Language Arts • -9%
Math • -19%

Average lag for these student -12.6%

Grade 8

Social Students • -20%
Science • -21%
Writing • -12%
English/Language Arts • -14%
Math • -17%

Average lag -16.8%

This school is so badly run that the more time they have with the students the further they fall behind the state average. When the kids enter this school there are lagging the state average by 10.6%, one year later their lag has increased to 12.6% and when they leave the school for high school they are now 16.8% behind the state average.

New Heights is not just failing the students, but the longer it has control of these kids the worse their education becomes. Yet the school has time to violate the constitution and, instead of doing their teaching job, usurps the role of parents in deciding what religious indoctrination their children will receive.