Thursday, February 09, 2012

Beware, diabetes cause police brutality.

Watch his video. Now here is the full story behind this scene.

Adam Green started going into a diabetic shock while driving. Police pull him over. He is first ordered to stay in the car but also ordered to get out the car. A Highway Patrol gang member approaches the car with his gun already drawn. The gang member kicks the car window and four of his fellow gang members pull the unresponsive man from the car. He is unresponsive because he is in a diabetic shock.

They pile on the man and begin kicking and beating him while yelling "Stop resisting." Trust me, these thugs will always yell "Stop resisting" because they routinely lie that people are resisting arrest, as an excuse for their thuggery. But Mr. Green was unable to resist. Watch these thugs get their jollies kicking a man who can't move. One kicks him in the ribs. Another criminal in blue kicks him in the face.

You will see them searching through his pockets when one of the officers says, "He's got insulin." You hear one of the mentioning medical and saying the man is semi-conscious. The officer is very concerned if any of the officers, who beat the unresponsive man, were hurt. The officer says: "Let's get medical out here. He's a diabetic. Probably in a shock, semi-conscious." Don't you think this thugs should have tried to determine this BEFORE they beat the shit out of a sick man who did not "resist" and had didn't act violent? Then after they got the adrenalin kicks they laugh about it and the lead thug says, "I could have probably taken him by myself."

Between the city of Henderson, NV, who thugs in blue were involved, and the Highway Patrol, Green was paid almost $300,000 in compensation for the assault on him for the crime of diabetic shock. According to the successful lawsuit one of the officers told Green they were sorry for beating him up. Greene sufferece from bruises, abrasions and broken ribs inflicted by violent police officers to a man who had done nothing more than go into diabetic shock, as the video proves.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that in 2008, Dr. Ryan Rich was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and was on medication for it when he crashed. Police pulled him from his car and saw he was confused and disoriented, a result of the medicine or of a seizure. They used their Taser on him five times and killed him. Count officials said the police attack on Dr. Ryan was justified.

But the adrenalin high that violent police officers work for is clear in the voices at the end. You hear the exhilaration and joy from a gang attack on a semi-conscious diabetic. There is is relief, laughter and pleasure.

As far as anyone can tell all of the violent offenders in blue remain with the police department and none of them suffered any penalties for their violent assault on a sick man. That is typical of how police are treated—they are the only criminal gang that is above the law—they know it, and they act like they know it. Beware, that being in close proximity to a police officer is dangerous to your well being.

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