Monday, December 11, 2006

Dirty minded adults punish 4-year-old.

The United States is really, really, really paranoid about sex abuse, sex harassment, and just plain sex. I am sure it is the perverse effects of pervasive fundamentalism and the influence of nutty radical feminists. The femmies and the fundies are a lethal combination to freedom.

I have already blogged about the two young children who were caught having sex with one another. This was in Utah where anyone convicted of sex with a child has to register as a sex offender for life. The law says “no exceptions” so I assume that means children too.

I also commented about Aaron Perez a 10-year-old who was thrown out of school because he asked a teacher for a hug. He asked. He didn’t grope or salivate while muttering rude words. He just asked for a hug. He was already in trouble because sometime before he told another teacher she was sexy. He thought the word meant pretty.

Now down in wacky Waco, in the heart of Texas the state that gave us “abstinence education”, George Bush and nutty theocrats by score, a 4-year-old boy got into trouble with the school district. The boy was placed on “in-school suspension” for punishment and a reprimand letter was sent to his parents. The letter said that this 4-year-old was guilty of “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment”.

What an evil child he must be. What did he do? He too hugged a teacher and in the process of the hug the teacher said his face rubbed against her breast.” The term for this woman rhymes with stitch.

The parents say the boy is confused and has no idea why he was punished or what it was he supposedly had done wrong. Someone should tell him his offense was entirely in the minds of sick, perverted adults who are incapable of thinking in context. It is one thing if a man walks up to this woman and rubs his face in her breasts. It is entirely another thing when a 4-year-old child hugs a woman and comes in contact with her chest. People who interpret this automatically as sexually harassment or even sexual have really perverted little minds.

Now I have to wonder about something else. And I’m very slow to pull the race card and think some people are far to quick to claim it is involved. But the 10-year-old who was suspended was Hispanic and the 4-year-old who was put on in-house suspension is black. I don’t know but it stinks even it was only pure perversion on the part of the adults and not related to dirty minds and racist attitudes to boot.

The father of the boy is furious and fighting the school. He asked for an apology and that this “incident” be removed from the boy’s file. The school says the “request for an apology... and removal of all paperwork regarding this incident is denied.”

However, if you feel like writing the principle of this school you can do so here: