Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dildos and Darwin and Jews, oh my!

What do they put in the water in Texas? Here ia a bit of video from something called The Dildo Diaries. It seems the good Christianists in the state legislature have passed God-fearing laws and you know what the Bible says about dildos? (You don't? Actually I never could find anything either but the Theopublicans in Texas are convinced its somewhere in there.) In Texas it is illegal to sell a dildo. Owning six of them is considered a very serious felony. Yet the state keeps electing them! Here is a bit of a documentary about the criminal dildo conspiracy. By the way the Theopublican featured in this film, who is protecting the good folk from sin, recently got into a bit off trouble. He was disseminating flyers urging other state legislators to go to a web site that warned them of the evils of evolution and exposed the century old Jewish plot to take over the world! If you think this moron is funny here wait until you read about his pampleteering.

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