Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a fraud!

Jan Schaefer is petty politician, a Commissioner in Carson City, California. She's a fraud, a con, an actor who fakes in public. And we have the proof. Now politics often attracts the dumbest of the dumb and the lowest of the low, but Schaefer is really, really dumb because she pulls her fake routine on camera which exposes her as deceptive and dishonest.

Now I'm not much interested in the goings on with the politics here. I don't know who is right or who is wrong. I do know who is a fake -- Jan Schaefer. This has something to do with an effort to recall the Mayor of the town. You will see Vera Robles Dewitt, who is leading the drive to recall the Mayor, walking back to her seat in the city council chambers. She has some sheets of paper in her right hand. The faker, Jan Schaefer is seated in the front row on the left. As Dewitt walks past Schaefer she uses the paper sheets to give Schaefer a light smack on the back of the head.

Now watch it. You will see that this is so light as to hardly qualify as a smack. It isn't hard, it isn't violent. It is annoying. Schaefer feels the tap and sits there for a second trying to decide what to do. At first she seems concerned that her hair do might have been slightly off kilter and feels her hair. Watch the pause. She then lets out a scream as if she were stabbed in the back and "falls" out of seat lying motionless momentarily on the floor as if stunned. FAKE. FRAUD. CON. LIAR. POLITICIAN (but I repeat myself).

You can then hear the Mayor get in on the act. Remember he is the one being recalled. He calls out that Dewitt just hit someone in the eye -- not even close as the film proves. He orders police to stop Dewitt and to arrest her. He calls for a doctor! Now maybe he didn't see and maybe he did and was just trying to make an opponent look bad for his own purposes. Either way he doesn't come across well but Schaefer comes across as a loon.

Sure Dewitt was stupid. She shouldn't have tapped the old bird with a few sheets of paper. But really, it wasn't anything remotely like what Schaefer was faking. The fake scream is incredible and then to top it off with the falling to the ground feigning some sort of collapse is just a bit much. And so close to Hollywood, you would think Schaeffer could have taken some acting lessons to do a more convincing victim. It's not just acting here. It's bad acting from an old fake.