Monday, April 09, 2007

Cute Knut wows the masses and a few asses.

It appears that Cute Knut the polar bear cub is wowing the crowds in Berlin. Over the Easter holidays in Germany some 125,000 people lined up patiently to get a chance to see the cub. Knut has been out in public for just over two weeks now and brought in 300,000 visitors during that time.

Apparently even fascists love Knut. US Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein was in Berling to push for the EU to spy more on air passangers and give that information to King George and his minions. But he said other than getting Europe to violate the privacy of its citizens his other goal was "to find little stuffed animal Knuts" and eat thenm. (Actually I made that last part up.) Gee, a kapo that likes to cuddle a stuffed bear.

The German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries gave Wainstein and other delegates to the conference a Knut stuffed animal. Hopefully Germany won't be giving the US anything else along the way.

Knut became a topic of interest when his mother rejected him shortly after birth. The zoo took to raising him by hand angering environmental extremists who argued that zoo shouldn't "second guess" nature. This cult literally has a Calvinist view of nature.