Friday, April 20, 2007

A quick index to our articles on guns, gun control and gun free zones.

The reality is that thousands of people are currently coming to this site to read what we have to say about gun control, self-defense, etc. In light of that reality, brought on by the recent unfortunate results, I thought it useful to list below the specific articles we have and where they may be found. Most of these were written before this recent tragedy. And do remember we write about lots of other topics. Browse the archives or do a search on topics.

Total control of guns is total control of people. Some people now want total control of guns, much like total control of illegal drugs. And we all know how well that has worked. So exactly how much control is ncessary?

The failure of the state and national tragedies. Government is not able to respond quickly to tragedies, not as quickly as the civilian population can. Monopolizing response to the state is harmful in several ways. And we uncover a fifth case of a school shooting that ended by armed response on the spot.

Virginia Tech student's plea: Why was I disarmed? A student from the university who is qualified to carry a weapon discusses the helplessness of being left undefended. And we discuss a fifth case where a mass shooting ended due to armed intervention by someone on the scene.

Oppression, bigotry, dignity and the necessity of self-defense: This article discusses how the most marginalized in any society are often the very people most in need of being able to defend themselves.

When killers meet armed resistance: This discusses four cases of mass shooting where the killer unexpectedly found himself facing an armed victim. In all cases no further innocent victims were created.

Penn & Teller on Gun Control: This is a video of Penn & Teller presenting one view of gun control in their unique style.

The high cost of gun control: What happened when guns were outlawed in the UK. Gun crime escalated.

Gun free zones and mass shootings: laid out the argument that there is a link between mass shootings and gun free zones, a link sadly proven correct by recent events.

School shooting, blame evolution, ignore bullies: Discusses how some Right wing nuts were blaming shootings on teaching evolution but argued that bullying was rampant at schools and is often behind such shootings or at the very least a factor. A no bullying zone would be quite useful.

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