Thursday, May 31, 2007

Priest sets off sex toy uproar

For 35 years Linette Servais has played organ at St. Joseph Catholic Church in New Franken, Wisconsin. No more. The priest threw out of her position. She was also removed a choir director. She used to take First Communion photos. That’s been taken from her. In fact she isn’t even allowed to help plan the annual church picnic. She was even told she couldn’t sing with the choir.

Obviously Servais must be an especially bad of sinner to rile up Father Dean Dombroski. Considering some of the things the church has swept under the rug Servais must be an especially egegrious sinner. Father Dean Dombrowski says it is because she works for a “firm which sells products of a sexual nature”.

He doesn’t mean X-rated films or explicit books. He means marital aids like vibrators. But the Catholic Church believes that sex for purposes of pleasure is sinful and that any practice which can not lead to pregnancy is immoral. So a vibrator is “not consistent with church teaching”. Probably not. But it appears that most Catholics are not consistent with church teaching and priests, well you know the facts.

Servais had performed these services for the church for years and didn’t expect payment. In recent years she did earn the grand total of $1000 per year for her efforts. After her removal she tried to talk to the priest but he’s refused to speak to her. Most the church choir quit in protest.

After decades, actually centuries, of sex scandals one has to wonder if a priest ought to be lecturing a woman about marital aids. And Linette ought to be glad she doesn't live in Texas since selling sex toys there is a felony and she might have to register as a sex offender.