Sunday, June 10, 2007

Arrested, imprisoned and dumped, innocent victims of the Bush terror war.

The complete immorality of the Bush Administration can be seen in how men, guilty of no crime, have spent years in the US concentration camp in Cuba, Guantanamo. It was easy to incarcerate them since the Bush Administration has declared that there are no rights in such camps and that the US security forces are free to act as they wish including torture.

That is the hallmark of a dictatorship and it is the reason I believe that the Bushites would act dictatorially in the United States as well if they felt they could they could get away with it. Certainly to the degree possible they have shown utter contempt for the Constitution and even Deputy Reichmarshall Cheney has told the graduating class of West Point that in their so-called “war on terror” they shouldn’t let something as inconsequential as the Constitution stand in their way.

Consider the plight of a couple of dozen Uighurs who were grabbed by the Pakistani dictatorship on orders of the Bush Administration. The Uighurs are an ethnic minority in communist China. They are mostly Muslims and the communist dictatorship has been oppressing this group for decades routinely executing anyone they believe to be separatists.

The Uighurs left Xinjiang Province in China looking for a way to earn a living for their families and to escape communist oppression. They heard that there was a small Uighur village in Afghanistan and went there. The US government, which never lies, claims the village was a training camp that was in some unspecified way connected to the Taliban.

Five of the men who have finally been released say that the only weapon they ever saw in the village was an old AK-47 rifle. There was vague talk about liberating the Uighurs from communist oppression but apparently there was no attempt to do much of anything else.

In 2001 the United States dropped bombs on the village sending the residents fleeing over the border into Pakistan. Here the Uighurs were arrested by the security police of the Pakistani dictatorship, which is allied with the United States --- yes, the US really is getting into bed with some odious “friends” under the Bush administration. And then the men were turned over to the Bush security police who whisked them off to the US concentration camp in Cuba -- a land free of such things as human rights which interfere with government power.

After four years of imprisonment, with no charges ever filed against them, five of the men were released. But to return to China means torture and possible execution. The US won’t return them to Afghanistan so instead they got the Albanians to accept them as refugees. False imprisonment is normally compensated in some way. But then the Bush Administration has never made a mistake -- just ask them. The idea of compensating people for false imprisonment implies they have rights and that is a concept that the Bushites insist does not apply to anyone that the US labels a terrorist.

Even when the US admits that the “terrorist” was never a “terrorist” he is still a “terrorist” when it comes to compensating him for the horrors that were unjustly inflicted on them. So the five men were sent to Albania with nothing and dumped there. They live in a dorm and are fed rice and noodles most of the time. They receive a small monthly stipend from the Albanian government. Otherwise they receive nothing for their false arrest and imprisonment. Now another 15 Uighurs are about to be released.

But Albania won’t take them. And neither will any other government. The Chinese dictatorship has warned other nations not to accept these people. They hope to have all these individuals sent to China to face more torture and imprisonment.

By 2003 the United States realized that these men were not a threat and not terrorists. China wanted them back. China promised they wouldn’t hurt the men. But the State Department knows of Chinese communist oppression of the Uighurs and said it was unwise to send the men there. So the first five were abandoned by the United States in Albania. And the rest remain imprisoned because other nations fear standing up to the Chinese dictatorship.

The US briefly considered sending the men to Gabon. The corrupt government of Omar Bongo saw this as an opportunity to fleece the United States again. In return it wanted massive loans from the US and Bongo met with his counterpart, in every sense of the word, George Bush, to see how much he could extract from the US. His extortion attempt failed.

With the Bush “war on terror” every dictatorship in the world has been supplied an excuse to act in any way they wish. The Chinese embassy in DC says the Uighurs “constitute part of international terrorist forces” and should face “justice” in China -- which would mean execution. This is contrary to their previous promise of not harming the men. So much for the value of their promises. Chinese officials have tried three times to force Albania to release the refugees to them for forced repatriation.

You would think the United States would be obligated to take the men. But apparently the Department of Homeland Security, which seems to be the executive branch of government these days, says the men are barred from entry to the US because they have been “linked” to terrorism. Yet they were released for not being linked to terrorism. And “linked” is a word that means nothing. It could range from “we falsely accused” to “they were involved beyond any shadow of a doubt”.

Meanwhile the men languish in Albania, hoping to find a home after the Bush Administration destroyed what life they had. The men fear returning to China but have no where else to go because the US has dumped them. US officials say they compensated the Albanian government to take the men. Why the men weren’t compensated is obvious -- that would be an admission of error. And the US has not talked to the men or tried to help them since dumping them. One US official in Albania told the New York Times that they don’t talk to the men or concern themselves about their living conditions since “they’re not our citizens”. True, but they ought to be our responsibility thanks to King George.

This injustice is monstrous. That the Bush Administration has dumped these men and refused to compensate them for the crimes the United States committed against them is an indication of the utter moral bankruptcy of King George and his minions. It just shows how little regard there is for the concept of individual rights by the US government today. One can't help but ask: when will George Bush be arrested for the crimes he has committed against others and against the US Constitution? Those Democrats wanting impeachment are cowards. What is needed is a treason trial.

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