Friday, June 08, 2007

Drug Warriors attack wrong house again.

No one is safe as long as the police are given free reign to fight the useless “war on drugs”. Cops, unfortunately, are predisposed to be violent bullies these days. And they aren’t the brightest creatures on the planet so they make mistakes often. Combine these two tendencies together and you have a potentially lethal mix.

Consider the plight of two couples, immigrants, who shared an apartment in Annapolis, Maryland. One couple was making dinner while the other couple had gone to the grocery store.

Suddenly 15 Drug Warriors burst through the front door unannounced. Drug Warriors routinely refuse to identify themselves which is why innocent people, raided by cops who make mistakes, end up dead. The woman inside the apartment, Silvia Bernal, fled to the bedroom, not knowing what was happening. She tried to barricade the door with her body. Cops used a flash grenade against her.

Cops attacked her husband pushed him to the ground and kicked him in the groin before handcuffing him and his wife. The couple insist that at no point did the police officers identify themselves as cops. Typical.

The second couple returned home and heard Mrs. Bernal screaming and rushed to her aid. The second woman is pregnant. When they came running into their home officers attacked them pushing them to the ground. The husband pleaded with the officers that his wife was pregnant. He said one cop said: “I don’t care.”

At this point one of the bright sparks in Drug Warrior squad went outside and looked at the address. Gee whizz and golly folks, the dumb asses got it wrong again. They were supposed to raid a house at 905 and they attacked innocent people at 901 instead.

Officials for the police department said they don’t know how the mistake happened. They say stuff like this “happens”. And, of course, they promise to be more diligent next time.

What would have happened if one of the people in this apartment tried to defend themselves from unknown attackers? Chances are they would have ended up dead with around 30 bullets in them and smirking cops standing over their body.

Fact: people have a right to defend themselves. Fact: that right extends even when attacked by cops who are conducting an illegal raid. Fact: people don’t know the cops are the criminals attacking them. So they are likely to defend themselves. Fact: the victims of these attacks are likely to end up dead. Fact: the people who die are not drug dealers but innocent victims. And it is the police who kill them.

For drugs to kill a user the user must make a choice to take them. For the war on drugs to kill the victim needs do nothing. Drugs might harm those who are guilty of using them. The war on drugs kills the entirely innocent.