Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Winnie Mandela: kidnapper, torturer, child killer, liar.

Canada denied a visa to Nelson Mandela’s former wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. The Canadians have not said why. The potential reasons are many.

First, Winnie terrorized her own neighborhood with a group of thugs she called a “football” team. The Mandela United Football Club wasn’t known to kick a soccer ball around but they did kick in a few heads and sometimes Winnie helped. She was one nasty piece of work and that is one reason her ex husband dumped her. That, along with her constant betrayal of him.

She ordered the kidnapping of a 14 year old boy, Stompie Moeketsi and had him brought to her home. There she and her football team beat the child. She got worried and went to see a doctor in Soweto who informed her the boy was so seriously injured that he would die without hospital care. Winnie had the boy dumped in a field and then sent men to execute the doctor. She then claimed she never visited the doctor even though there were records that showed she had and it was confirmed by the doctor’s receptionist, Albertina Sisulu, the wife of ANC president Walter Sisulu. The doctor, Abu Baker Asvat, had been a close friend and Winnie’s own doctor.

When Albertina Sisulu was called to testify about Winnie’s involvement in both these killings at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Winnie’s “football team” put in a threatening appearance and Mrs. Sisulu suddenly had memory lapses. Zakhele Mbatha, who was convicted of the murder, says Winnie paid him for the assassination. The doctor had been a vocal antiapartheid activist but Winnie didn’t want any lose strings.

Winnie and football thugs engaged in torture at her home. The Makanda brothers were beaten repeatedly, hung by the neck, had plastic bags put over their heads, had a large M for Mandela carved into their chest, had battery acid poured on them, had the words “Viva ANC” carved into their backs and nothing was done to her. I am quite familiar with the evil record of Winnie Mandela and I contend that someday the evidence will materialize that she was a police informer which offered her a great deal of immunity. For instance she was never prosecuted for the torture of the Makandas.

Throughout the Stompie affair police co-operated with Winnie and evidence that existed tying her to the killing disappeared once it was in police custody. One witness to the killing

Winnie also tried to smear Methodist minister Paul Verryn with her typical antigay remarks. She spread the story he was attacking young boys and she sent a young man to beg Verryn for shelter and told the man to try to seduce the minister so she could end his popularity in Soweto. This is also tied to the reason she had Dr. Asvat killed. She demanded he testify that he saw medical evidence that Verryn had raped young boys and the doctor refused saying it wasn’t true.

Mbatha says when he tried to tell the truth about Winnie’s involvement he was blocked by the police. Katiza Cebekhulu was at Winnie’s home the day she and her thugs attacked Stompie. Fearful that he could be next he fled. The South African police tracked him down and turned him over to Winnie. Cebekhulu managed to escape again. Once again the police arrested him but once again they didn’t take him to jail. They instead drove to Shell House, the ANC headquarters, and turned him over to Winnie a second time. Nelson Mandela had Katiza bundled up and forced out of the country to be held in a foreign prison. A British MP tracked Katiza down and managed to get him freed. He fled to England

The testimony against Winnie in her killing spree was convincing and overwhelming. Her own bodyguard, Jerry Richardson testified that Winnie was involved in these killings and that he was there. Katiza was there and said the same thing. The killer of Dr. Asvat said the same thing. But evidence kept vanishing from police custody and in the end the judge said without the vanished evidence he couldn’t convict.

On one occasion she decided to get rid of her daughter’s boyfriend, and the father of her grandchild. She told the young man to deliver some weapons for her and had them put in the trunk of his car. She then had the police called and told the weapons were in the car. The young man was arrested and died in police custody.

A stooge for Winnie in Canada, Carole Adrianns, who was bringing Mandela to the country says she is shocked. Obviously she is ignorant of Winnie’s murderous and violent past. Adriaans says she was “blown away” (though not like Dr. Asvat) because Winnie had received an award for her work on AIDS.

I must admit that remark caused me to gag a bit. I just couldn’t help remember one occasion when Winnie had to go to court for her crimes, one of those occasions when the police again lost the evidence for her. She was getting into her limo outside the courthouse surrounded by a crowd of people. Someone touched her arm. She turned with the most vicious look I have every seen on someone and started screaming hysterically:

“Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. How do I know you don’t have AIDS.” Yes, work with AIDS sufferers indeed.

I can believe she would do so technically because there is money in it and she has always skimmed funds off her fake charities and organizations for herself. She owned a very large mansion in Soweto which is where she lived most of the time. She had another small house nearby where she held press events. It looked better that way. I have personally seen both houses. Winnie has been convicted of multiple counts of swindling money out of the coffers of the ANC Women’s League and that was under a government run by her own party.

Adrianns, a useful idiot for the likes of Comrade Winnie, says it would “have been such an honor to have her there for us”. No doubt she would go ape over Dr. Mengela as well. While in Canada Winnie was to attend a “multimedia opera” entitled “The Passion of Winnie”. Murderer, liar, swindler, torturer, kidnapper. Somehow I suspect this disgusting opera left out those facts.

Photo: The child victim murdered by Winnie Mandela.