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How a district attorney can legally abuse children.

Cory Mashburn and Ryan Cornelison are 13 years old and 12 years old. They currently face the possibility of 5 to 10 years in jail, depending on who you believe) and being registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. So what depravity were they guilty of to earn this sort of potential penalty? Did they organize orgies on the playground or a gang of bikers raping kindergarten students?

The boys are students at Patton Middle School in McMinnville, Oregon. And one day they ran down the hallway -- no doubt in some places worthy of the death penalty all by itself. As they ran the swatted the bottoms of some girls. Oh, oh. Note they didn’t fondle just swatted. And there is no indication that anyone actually complained that the event traumatized. No doubt some would be annoyed, some pleased at the attention and others have no thoughts one way or the other.

But a member of the Sex Gestapo, also know as a teacher’s aide saw this horrendous, genocidal act and had the boys grabbed and sent for interrogation by the principle and one of the men in blue. Yes, the police were involved.

And the cop, Marshall Roache, pulled a typical dirty, disgusting trick on the boys. He interrogated them with out their parents being there or without an attorney being present. He did this by avoiding telling them that they were under arrest until after he finished his interrogation. Roache ought to be fired or at least suspended for conspiracy to deprive children of their constitutional rights.

Of course don’t expect this criminal in uniform to be disciplined. The unwritten rule among the police is that their own never do any wrong. And already the local police captain said: “We totally support everything that has gone on in this case.” In that case I would take my chances with the common criminals and fire the lot of the police.

Even kids have to be told that about “stranger danger” regarding cops. Cops are not your friend. Do not speak to cops without your parents or an attorney being present. Even then I recommend saying nothing.

This uniformed member of the Sex Gestapo put the boys in handcuffs and carted them off to jail. For five days the boys sat in jail. Why? Because some moron named Bradley Berry, the district attorney, has bought into the agenda of the radical feminists, who share a hatred of human sexuality on par with that of the most rabid fundamentalist. If you don’t believe me read the garbage from Andrea Dworkin or Catherine McKinnon sometime.

Berry, lusting after higher office, drools at the prospect of throwing this children in jail for “sex crimes”. Yes, apparently he believes that the boys running through the hallway swatting butts were potential rapists who have to be locked away. It is Berry who ought to be put in a straight jacket and incarcerated in a rubber room. Berry says he “aggressively” pursues sex crimes that involve children. Excuse me, moron. This is not a sex crime. These are two young boys running through the hallways swatting butts not predators lurking in raincoats stuffed with cookies. What sort of demented mind turns what these boys did into a sex crime?

Where did McMinnville find this idiot? Send this petty bureaucrat packing before he destroys more kids. Berry whines: “These cases are devastating to children.They are life-altering cases.” Sure, moron, you are destroying the kids. Putting two boys in jail and labeling them “sex offenders” for the rest of their lives is damn life-altering. But what they did was not a sex crime.

This isn’t the first time this Puritanical asshole has ruined the lives of children either. It is reported that last year two other students were charged with felony sex abuse for the same thing. They pled guilty of harassment which is a misdemeanor. Again, that is another one of the dirty tricks used by the so-called justice system. Overcharge someone intentionally to make the risk so high that they are forced to pled guilty to lesser charges even if they are not guilty of a crime at all. It looks good for the DA's record even if it does penalize innocent people. But when you dream of being governor who the fuck cares what happens to innocent people!

And the local newspaper reports that things are not even what the police and this moronic DA claim:
The outlines of the case have been known. But confidential police reports and juvenile court records shed new light on the context of the boys' actions. The records show that other students, boys and girls, were slapping one another's bottoms. Two of the girls identified as victims have recanted, saying they felt pressured and gave false statements to interrogators.
One “victim” said, “if they asked me a question, they kind of made you say what they wanted to hear.” Another girl said, “I did really feel pressured in there... I kind of felt pressured to answer stuff that I was uncomfortable, and that it hurt, but it really didn’t.”

The police witch-hunter interrogated over a dozen students. Half admitted they swatted the rears of other students including girls who said they smacked some boys. Those girls, however, are listed as victims not as sex offenders. One girl said its “a handshake we do”.

One mother is on the warpath wanting the boys executed, well almost. Rhonda Pope, who sounds a bit demented to me says: “Slapping somebody on the butt is sexual harassment, and it is a crime.” Hmm, slapping a butt is sexual so all Christian schools that use corporal punishment are actually sexually abusing children? Is that the case, Rhonda? And if poor Rhonda thinks a slap on the butt is sexual I guess we know what she and the Mr. get up to. Is that the case, Rhonda? Or, is it Mistress Rhonda?

Rhonda says “my daughter was offended” and thus it’s a crime. Rhonda needs therapy. I’m offended by Rhonda that doesn’t make being a bitch a criminal offense. A mother like that is very toxic.

It gets worse, dear readers. Bradley, the child abuser, dragged the kids into court wearing prison uniforms and in handcuffs. The court was filled with their fellow students many of whom started crying when they saw this. Hey, Bradley, proud of yourself? That certainly was a life-altering experience for the kids you traumatized.

Damn, I know why Penn and Teller curse so much when dealing with assholes like Bradley. This absolutely infuriates me. I hope the man is caught bonking an underage prostitute, sent to jail for life, and shares a cell with a horny, oversized thug who doesn’t mind a bit of tail from anywhere. Even that is nicer than he deserves. Bradley Berry is the one abusing children and doing so legally for his own political career. That is disgusting.

Two of the “victims” “spontaneously offered to testify on behalf of the boys. Under oath, they told the judge they were friends and did not feel threatened by them. The two girls also testified they felt compelled, during the initial interviews with Tillery and Roache, to say things that weren’t true.”

Joe Cornelison, a single dad, is just a press operator. Scott and Tracy Mashburn don’t hold high paying jobs either. These parents were desperate to cover the legal costs to save their children from the child abusers in the District Attorney’s office. These parents know that the sex hysteria issue could destroy the lives of their children for life. These sorts of accusation are damaging and deadly. They should be reserved for genuine cases of abuse only not for kids playing around in the school hallways.

Julie McFarland, of the Juvenile Rights Project, says that she has had to defend ten students who were prosecuted for things that happen normally in schools . She says the DA’s are “criminalizing fairly typical behavior.” She warned: “It’s basically the end of their lives. Everywhere they go and everything they do they will have to disclose this. And these kids who do these minor offenses have to follow the same sex-offender registration requirements as someone who brutally raped someone.” Gee, Bradley, you must be so proud. If there is god Bradley will kiss the windshield of a speeding bus, and soon.

Yea, I’m furious. I hope you are too. And I hope the residents of this county dump this moronic DA the first chance they get. I urge the people of McMinnville to let Office Roache know what a contemptuous little weasel he is for doing this to children as well. Let these men know every time you see either of them. Don’t break the law but tell them you think they are assholes who deserve to rot in hell for eternity. I hope they find life so uncomfortable in Oregon they pack and move someplace where men like them are appreciated -- say North Korea.

Action: Contact Police Chief Ron Noble to complain about the actions of Officer Roach at 503-434-7307 or email You can also complain to Mayor Ed Gormley at 503-472-4101 or email him at Bradley Berry, the child abuser, can be reached at his office at 503-472-9371 and emails can be sent to him at I've sent my email already. Please join me.

Photos: The first photo is of Cory Mashburn, one of the victims in this case. The man is the district attorney, Bradley Berry. If you see this man near your children remove them immediately.

UPDATE: I have read the police report by Roache. This man had numerous other students listed as "suspects" in this case. He was on a real witch hunt. For some reason a third student is listed as being involved in all the cases that the two arrested boys were accused of, but he was never charged. The report acknowledges that some of the girls swatted boys as well. None of them were arrested. The sex obsessed police officer refers to swats as "touched on her buttocks" or "touched their butts". He also says: "that several other boys may have also touched the buttocks of female students while at school. Along with this, several girls also touched the buttocks of certain boys in the school as well." Well, then just put bars on the windows and sentence them to 18 years incarceration acknowledging time served. He also seemed concerned that a boy might touch a girl's breast at a dance. I guess this man never made it to high school.

It is clear that these two boys are being prosecuted for something that was widespread, and mostly seen as a joke among the students. Numerous other students admitted doing the same thing. Yet, only two are facing a trial. It also appears that all these students were being asked about their participation in something which this police officer and the DA believe to be criminal offenses yet none of these children were interrogated with the permission of their parents or warned that anything they said could be used against in a court of law.

Bradly Berry claimed to me that the boys aren't facing "10 years for anything" and that the press reports were sensationalistic journalism -- something prosecutors love when it used for them. But this seemed dishonest to me. So I asked him: "Haven't you filed 10 misdemeanor charges against these children? And doesn't each charge carry a potential of up to 1 year in jail?" He said: "Yes, that is true." But he says this "may be statutory maximums" but "they would never be imposed in a case like this." He says that there are "5 counts of sexual abuse III, and the 5 counts of harassment" and these make up only 5 incidents "and thus the court would not be able to run those consecutively even if it wanted to." If this is true, and I can't say it is, that would still mean a potential sentence of five years. And Berry admits that the court "may require sex offender registration" for the boys. He says he doesn't concern himself with the potential penalty for an offense only what he thinks is the likely penalty: "When we file charges we file based on what we expect to happen, regardless of the maximum statutory sentence possible."

Either way this is ruining the lives of children. Bradley doesn't seem to understand that this doesn't qualify as sexual abuse or sexual harassment and that we are talking about kids here not about adults attacking children. This was a matter best left to the school, which says they had nothing to do with the criminal charges filed by the loony police officer, and to the parents. It is not something for which children should be incarcerated as these boys have already suffered. And even the mildest outcome, which Bradley presents as possible, is far too severe. He is making a mountain out of a molehill and hurting children in the process.
And it's disgraceful.

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