Friday, May 16, 2008

Three strikes. You're Out!!!

Our friends at the Cato Institute are wondering about why it is that some so-called Libertarians are supporting Bob Barr for president. Trade specialist Dan Griswold notes that when "on international trade Barr is no libertarian."

The conservative ex-Congressman from Georgia has a voting record, of course. He was actually presented with votes which impacted the ability of Americans of trade with others. While in office Barr "voted on 24 major bills and amendments affecting the freedom of Americas to trade and invest in the global economy. He voted in favor of lower trade barriers only four times, voting in favor of higher trade barriers 20 times."

Griswold suggests that Barr "needs to explain to delegates why he voted so consistently to impose of maintain high tariff duties on products millions of Americans buy everyday..." I also think that the Barr Brigade needs to explain to LP members exactly why they shouldn't be tarred and feathered.

Let's tally things up. Barr is bad on the war on drugs. Barr is an anti-gay bigot who pushed through laws making gays second class citizens. Barr is still a interventionist on foreign policy. Barr has continued to advocate international welfare (foreign aid). Barr is unwilling to say when the US should get out of Iraq. Barr is bad on free trade.

There are three major areas of libertarian political theory. Libertarians support free markets/free trade. Barr is bad on free trade. Libertarians support equality before the law, Barr doesn't. Libertarians support legalizing drugs. Barr wants a more efficient war on drugs. Libertarians are against foreign interventionism. Barr just wants a different mix of foreign interventionism. As I see it he has major flaws on free markets, social tolerance and a pro-peace foreign policy. What every happend to "three strikes you're out!"