Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Because the gays are getting married.

It has been 24 hours now and chaos is breaking everywhere. The shock of it is hard to describe.

Right before my very eyes social disintegration, destruction, death. Can the apocalypse be far behind? But why fear it? It would be a blessing now, a relief from the horror.

Yes, for 24 hours those “activist judges” in our largest state, along with the approval of the state legislature and the governor, are letting gays get married.

And you know the worst part about this horror --- it is not readily apparent. It is chaos that disguises itself as calm -- the very worst kind.

As I drove the California highways today I couldn’t help looking at the happy families in their cars oblivious to the menace. Just down the road radical, homosexual, lesbian, feminist, pinko, activists were defying God and getting married. Even worse, they have an agenda. They always have an agenda.

What will happen when those happy families degenerate and fall apart? They may not even know that it was the fault of those damn liberal,activist judges and their homosexual agenda.

Some will think the marriage fell apart because the man was exercising his biblical mandate to be the head of the family. How else was the wife supposed to submit and the kids obey if he didn’t follow God’s word and smack them around a bit?

Others will think it is because they were cheating on each other. And while God cries when they cheat, at least he smiles because it is a normal perversion. Better a philandering husband than a monogamous gay couple. God prefers Adam cheating on Eve than being faithful to Steve.

Little does the world know that an angry God will inflict his wrath if people dare love one another against his will. And he will do it by making sure that other people are miserable. Look how God destroyed so much of the South with Katrina because he didn’t like a gay party in the French Quarter of New Orleans! Only God in his infinite wisdom can explain why he didn’t actually destroy the French Quarter.

Watch the video above if you want some idea of the pernicious effect of allowing gays to be married.

PS: for the brain dead this is called satire.

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