Friday, January 02, 2009

Police subject women to humiliating experience.

Adessa Eskridge, if what she says is accurate, had a very unusual experience with the police at Los Angeles International. At the moment it is her word versus the police -- given the odds I’ll take her word until something concrete comes along otherwise.

Eskridge was flying into LAX, apparently she was the same plane as Jamie Lynn. Lynn is the sister of trailer trash Britney Spears. Lynn has all the class of her sister and this means that the bottom feeders, known as the paparazzi, are always wanting to take her photo.

Apparently the police wanted to get Lynn out of the airport without her photo being taken. Why the police care about Lynn is anyone’s guess. They didn’t care about Eskridge, however, She’s not a “celebrity”.

So they allegedly pressed her into involuntary service for the police. According to Eskridge they told her she had to go with them and then surrounded her with a bevy of police officers who walked her through the airport. Apparently she resembled Lynn sufficiently enough that, with the police “escort” she fooled the great intellectuals in the press.

Eskridge was told she had to wear her sun glasses. Film of her being escorted does indicate that she felt humiliated. She says she felt as if she were under arrest and being paraded before the media and the public. She claims she did not know what they were doing and did not consent. She is suing.

Here is what I don't get. Why is Lynn more important to the police than Eskridge? If they are "protecting" Lynn then they must consider being subjected to the paparazzi as a rather unpleasant experience. And, it is. I would think that people who've never experienced it will never realize how unpleasant it is. If that is the case then why subject another women to the same thing?