Friday, May 08, 2009

911 cop refuse emergency help over swear word.

If you have virginal ears (or mind in the case of reading) then go no further. The F. word will be used, used copiously, used enthusiastically and used because it says precisely what needs to be said.

The object of our anger is a fucking asshole——oh, the A word might get slipped in now and then as well——named Robert McFarland. This fucking douche bag is also a police officer who was handling 911 emergency calls for Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Adrianne Ledesma is a teenage girl who discovered her father having seizures on the floor of their home. This was particularly upsetting since her father had brain surgery not long before. She rushed to the phone and dialled 911 and it rang, and rang, and rang. With her father convulsing on the phone the horrified girl said “What the fuck.” Then the fucking asswipe, Sgt. Robert McFarland finally gets off his fat ass to answer the phone.

Instead of doing his job, and asking about the emergency this girl was facing, McFarland decides to engage in preaching a morality lesson admonishing the girl for using inappropriate language. So, while Ledesma’s father is having convulsions on the floor this fucking spunkbucket spews out a lecture about swearing. Adrianne says: “Send me a fucking ambulance.”

Sgt. McFarland, without ever determining the nature of the emergency, simply hung up the phone on the girl.

Adrianne calls back and says, “Are you going to send me an ambulance?” Then like most moralistic assholes Sgt. McFarland proves that morality laws are only for the little people, not for him. Still without asking about the nature of the emergency he says: “Are you going to swear again you stupid ass?” Apparently her swearing, during the height of an emergency, is sufficient for Office Fucking Moron to hang up the phone, possibly putting the life of Adrianne’s father in danger. But, Pure-as-the-Snow McFarland can swear at her.

Adrianne is clearly upset in her phone conversation. She wants an ambulance for her father because of his seizures. But McFarland keeps hanging up on her without ever asking her the nature of the problem. After six minutes this fucking asshole calls the police department directly to complain about the girl calling him. He told them he keeps getting a “911 call from this filthy-mouthed girl that wanted a rescue. I never found out what it was.” He told them: “I was never able to transfer it over to you.” That is a lie. He was able to transfer it, but he kept hanging up the phone without bothering once to ask about the nature of the girl’s fearful call. This damn prick then calls a squad car and send them out to arrest Adrianne.

Adrianne, however, left her brother at the house while she ran to the police station for help. When she got there and began explaining the incident the police cuffed her arrested her for “disorderly conduct.” I guess Adrianne should be happy the police didn’t shoot her dog.