Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Even dingbats can win office, especially as Republicans.

One of the more certifiably insane members of the House of Representatives is Republican Michelle Bachmann. Here she takes a swipe at Obama—who deserves it—but she manages to get things completely wrong. First watch the video, then read on.

If you watched the video, and were observant, you noticed two things very, very wrong with Bachmann's claims. First, there was no Hoot-Smalley Act. There was a Smoot-Hawley Act, and it was a very bad idea. Smoot and Hawley, both Republicans, pushed through this protectionist legislation that helped expand the Great Depression. The second problem is Bachmann's attempt to blame FDR for the legislation. Smoot-Hawley was passed in 1930, Roosevelt was not elected until 1933.

Bachmann is one of the more extreme Christianists in Congress and she insists that God himself put her in office. I guess voting against Bachmann would be voting against God. I'm not quite sure but I think this means God is rigging the election for her and thus may be guilty of ballot tampering.

Here is Bachmann again, proving she is totally ignorant of the facts.

Yep, she says the last outbreak of swine flu in America was "under another Democrat, Jimmy Carter." Alas, she got that fact wrong as well.

Here is an amusing video parody of God's own Congresswoman.

Here are some amusing photos of Congresswoman Bachmann hiding behind bushes to spy on a rally for gay rights. Here is the first photo. You will see Bachmann circled as she hunches down behind the bushes. Click to enlarge.

In the next photo you have a clear shot of her leaving. If you look carefully you will see that the woman hiding behind the bush has the same outfit on as Bachmann does as she is photographed leaving the scene.

Like all good Christianists she is obsessed with gay people. She and her husband claim they can covert gay people into heterosexuals through Jesus. (I am not making that up.) She has compared gays to pedophiles and once came screaming out of a bathroom claiming she was being kidnapped by lesbians. Two women, who were in the bathroom waiting in line, were baffled by the claim. Police investigated and decided there was simply nothing behind the claim.

The surprising thing is that this is one of the public faces of the Republican Party and the GOP still can't figure out why the bulk of independent voters have fled them.