Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's now boring news.

Several journalists have noted that when Iowa's Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality there was hardly a ruckus from the Right. A few whined and cried but it was mostly quiet. It was almost as if America yawned.

Vermont then voted to legalize same-sex marriage and.... well, nothing. A Mormon front group ran an absurd ad around the country about a storm of gays coming and scaring people. The ad was so funny that it spawned dozens of satirical remakes on the web.

Now the Connecticut state legislature has voted for marriage rights for gay couples. The state Senate voted 28 to 7 to legalize same-sex marriage. The Connecticut House voted 100 to 44 for the same thing. Governor M. Jodi Rell, a Republican, said she will sign the bill.

New York Governor David Paterson has introduced legislation there to legalize same-sex marriage. One prominent Democrat, who is a fundamentalis preacher, is holding up the legislation. If it doesn't pass this year it will pass. This is just a holding measure by one religious fanatic who happens to have power.

Anyway you look at it, there are now four states with marriage equality, a fifth that just passed it and only needs a signature to make it legal and a sixth will come shortly. In addition to New York, Maine is currently considering the issue and the House has already approved the measure.