Friday, April 17, 2009

Pastor attacked by travel Nazis for invoking Constitution

The thugs associated with Homeland Security and its various departments hate the Constitution because it limits their powers. Here is an example.

Pastor Steven Anderson is about as far away from what I believe as one can get. He's a fundamentalist Christian and one silly enough to think that only the King James version of the Bible is the right one. From reading his wife's blog I conclude they are nuts on lots of issues. But here is one issue where they are not nuts.

Anderson was driving from San Diego to Phoenix. In the middle of nowhere, far from the border, our border Nazis stop his car. They demand he answer questions which he is not legally obligated to answer. They demand he consent to a car search when they have no probably cause. He refuses on both counts—which is his constitutional right to do. The border Nazis then bring out a dog and claim it sniffed drugs—that was a lie. Then they smash the windows of the car, drag the pastor out of his car and push his face into the broken glass.

I had almost the same thing happen to me once though not quite this bad. I was driving through California and border Nazis stopped us about an hour north of San Diego. I spent the weekend in San Diego and had a small suitcase in the back seat. The border Nazi said he was going to search the suitcase. His only reason for searching it was he could see it. I asked him what his probably cause was. I asked calmly and made no sudden moves of any kind. I sat very, very still when asking. He went ballistic and started screaming. He literally became unhinged and dragged me from the car and threw me to the ground cutting my face. I had him push my face into the gravel with his boot as he shreiked: "You have no right to question me. You have no right to question me."

Pastor Anderson may be a fundamentalist nutter but he has rights like anyone else. In this video Anderson wants to know why things like this can happen in America. Based on past exeperience I would guess that one reason could be found the next time he looks in the mirror.

Listen carefully to Anderson's account of this violent attack by Border thugs. The excuses used are that the "dog" allegedly indicated that a person or drugs were in Anderson's car. Does Pastor Anderson support efforts to "round up" illegal migrant workers? Does he support drug prohibition? Those were the justifications given.

When you demand that government harass "illegals" and stop people from using drugs then you can't bitch when they use the powers necessary to accomplish their goals. In fact, the border thugs haven't gone nearly far enough as they having little impact on either goal. When you demand government wage war on specific groups of people then don't cry when there is collateral damage.

Perhaps Pastor Anderson would end the war on immigrants. Perhaps he would end the war on drugs. If so he would be a very unusual fundamentalist—in fact he would be only one I know taking that position.

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