Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love technology

In April of 1986, Chris Biblis was a very scared 16-year-old facing the reality of his own mortality. He was diagnosed with leukemia and about to undergo radiotherapy. The doctors told him that the treatment would leave him sterile. The physicians told him that if he ever wanted to become a father he would need to freeze his sperm before the treatment. Chris did.

Fast forward to June 2008, 22 years later. The sperm was thawed out Chris was married and his wife Melodie had an egg removed. The sperm was carefully inserted into the egg and then implante into Meoldie's uterus.

Fast forward again to 2009 and celebrate the birth of Stella Biblis.

Five remaining eggs have been fertilized and are now frozen for possible use by the couple in the future, if they wish to have more children.

I know a lot of people would recommend to Chris and Melodie that they "pray for a miracle." Not me. I say go make a miracle happen. Technology did. And to think, if the Pope, and others so theologically-inclined had their way, this technology, that has brought so much joy to this couple, would be illegal.