Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Politician and priest, you know that's bad news.

Fernando Lugo is the president of Paraguay. He also recently fathered a child with his long-term mistress, Viviana Carrillo. When I say long-term, I mean 10 years. Ms. Carrillo is now just 26. You do the math.

In addition to Mr. Lugo having had this affair with a teen-age girl it should be noted that when the relationship started he was a Catholic bishop.

Since I never take moral guidance from priests or politicians I can't say I'm disappointed. And since I know too much about both classes of individuals I can't say I'm surprised either.

Pope Benedict IX was known to have sex with women, men and animals and filled the Vatican with prostitutes. He organized bisexual orgies. Pope Alexander VI was said to have had prostitutes dance naked for him and engage in sex acts in front of him. Pope John XII was murdered by a jealous husband who caught him in bed with his wife. Pope Innocent VIII had eight illegitimate sons but Pople Pius II allegedly had 12 such children. Pople Sixtus IV only had six illegitimate sons himself but one was with his sister. Pope Clement VII had a fondness for young boys. as did Pope Julius II. Julius III had a fondness for boys. He picked up a good-looking 14-year-old boy, Innocenzo Del Monte, on the streets as his companion and made the boy a cardinal three years later. Pope Paul II had a similar fondness and was rumored to have died while having sex with a boy. Pope Sergius III, however, preferred underaged girls while Pope Anacletus supposedly preferred his sister. Pope Paul III had a relationship with his daughter.